I just returned from ten days in hot and humid east Texas. I don’t get as many emails as a lot of people, but there are enough that they can take away from the purpose of vacation (i.e. lots of time with family, fun with the kids, rest, etc.). I don’t want to replicate the myriad of email content available these days, but do want to share three simple things that kept email from killing my vacation:

  1. I scheduled times to check email. Two weeks before I left, I decided two times that I would check email while away and then told the people who needed to know when that would be.
  2. I moved the Mail app on my iPhone. Rather than disabling email on my iPhone, I moved the app to a folder away from my home screen. Sometimes I think we check email just because it’s there. This solved that problem by making me tap at least three buttons to find it.
  3. I setup snooze folders in Sanebox. I’m a big fan of letting Sanebox sort email so that I only see the important stuff. This is especially important on vacation. I setup a Snooze folder that I could use to drop emails into so that they’d disappear until I returned home. This meant that after I checked email on Friday my inbox was empty and anything that didn’t need immediate action got moved to this folder. Then when I checked on Monday these emails didn’t have to be reviewed again. Magically, however, they were all showing as new emails when I opened my laptop this morning. (Sign up here and both of us will get $5 off.).

We had a great vacation and I didn’t miss a thing at the office. Everybody wins!