I spend a lot of time working in Asana at [Seven Mile Road][7MR]. Asana keeps our team on the same page with our projects and meeting agendas, even helping out with accounting items.

The Problem

As much as I like Asana, I noticed a Issue that was keeping it from being even more helpful: Asana, being a web app, was a tab in my browser. This meant that using the “Command + Tab” shortcut to rotate through windows doesn’t work and, even once I get to my web browser, I still have to find the tab Asana was on. Plus, I would periodically navigate away from Asana to another website then have to navigate back to Asana.

These may not seem like problems … unless it’s something you run into dozens of times each week.

A Solution

While listening to a recent Mac Power Users episode, I heard about Fluid, an app that turns web apps into native Mac apps for you.

I tried Fluid out with Asana this week and had great success. It was simple to setup, worked well, and is free. I was going to write up the process, but found this existing blog post that does a great job..

If you like Asana and use a Mac, give it a shot.