I've just blogged some reflections on 1 Peter 4.10-11 at Seven Mile Road. Here's the outline:

  • God has given all Christians gifts.
  • These gifts are to be stewarded well.
  • These gifts look different and that's a good thing.
  • These gifts are dependent upon God.
  • These gifts are for the glory of God.

It's one thing to consider these truths for ourselves, but another to consider what it means for shepherding our people well.

Here are some questions the passage brought about for me as an Executive Pastor:

  • Am I helping our people see their gifts? Am I affirming them?
  • Am I discipling our people to give their gifts generously?
  • Are we cultivating a culture that has room for a variety of gifts?
  • Are we cultivating a dependence upon God ... Even when we feel strong?
  • Are we affirming God's work in others to His praise?