I was recently asked, “What is the most important thing you have learned in your Communications course?”

Almost immediately, I replied, “The most important thing I have learned is that church communication has to be intentional.”

As the course progressed and I began evaluating how we can improve our communications at Seven Mile Road, I became even more convinced that intentionality is the key to church communications.

Here are three reasons why I have come to believe intentionality is the key to church communications:

Good communication is hard work. Words come easy, but clarity doesn’t. Good communication will take time and focus if it’s going to be effective. If there is no intentionality, communication will be lazy and less than helpful.

Good communication will not happen by accident. Someone must be committed to good communication happening and be prepared to spend hours laboring to make it happen across the board. This won’t be glamorous work, but it will be fruitful. If no one is intentional about owning church communications, it is not going to happen.

Good communication demands repetition. Here’s some truth: six people read your blog post, four babies were crying during announcements, and your newsletter is getting choked out by Gmail filters. You can be upset about it or you can repeat yourself every chance you get. You are going to get tired of repeating yourself and will quit … unless you are intentional about it.

Do you agree that intentionality is key to church communications?