“Have you guys got five more minutes?”

Half of our pastor team at Seven Mile Road is bi-vocational, so we don’t get enough time together. During the summer, time is reduced even more by vacations and other activities. And, of course, summer is also a horrible time to be light on meeting time, because we need to be gearing up for the fall.

All of this means that I will be very tempted to lengthen our next pastor meeting. It will be so easy for 8:30 to become 9 and for 9 to then become 10. So I am writing now the very thing I’ll need to be told over the next couple of weeks:

Serve your team well by knowing when to quit your meeting.

Instead of blowing past stop sign after stop sign, I’m going to prepare well for the meeting by:

  • Building an agenda off of what I know is most important, not most urgent.
  • Not making the agenda too large.
  • Publishing the agenda early.
  • Requesting documents for early review.
  • Encouraging decision-making on smaller items to happen without the team.

Even then, there will be more and more that we want to cover, so I’ll just have to know when to quit. Spirit, lead this.

Image used by Creative Commons License courtesy of Martin Lopatka.