Those of us charged with executive responsibilities spend time on many things that are essential to advancing the mission. They just don't always seem like it. Sometimes I find myself needing to be convinced that a task really is Jesus' work. This may be nailing down a payroll withholdings issue with the DOR for the eighth time, getting a sign permit, or calling another plumber about that pipe no one wants to fix.

Regardless of how these things feel, we need to know that these duties can be the difference between sustainable long-term gospel mission that outlasts us or flash in the pan, gone in a day, ministry. Ultimately it's the Spirit that will prosper your work, but hard work on HR policy, project management, and a bunch of other areas provide space for growth and prevent issues that could hinder the work of the ministry.

You aren't just scheduling two more volunteers for kids ministry, training another greeter, or double checking that deposit for no reason. It's for the good of the gospel. Even your most minute or seemingly non-spiritual related work is about Jesus' mission advancing. Don't let the enemy tell you otherwise.

What tasks or duties do you struggle to see as gospel work?

Image used under Creative Commons License courtesy of CraigMoulding.