Most pastors know that church communication is important, but I wonder how many grasp how important communications truly are to the advance of the mission. We don't always realize that when we don't communicate well, we are missing opportunities to capture hearts with the vision. When we don't communicate well, we are missing opportunities to tell people about the good work the Holy Spirit is doing through our churches.

If your church’s mission is worth anything (and it is!), then congregational alignment and engagement in the mission is critical. That happens through communication. Understanding the mission of your church and what participation in that mission looks like is essential to multiplying disciples who multiply disciples.

It is easy in the day-to-day grind to think that church communication is mundane and unimportant, but church communication is not about a knitting club or cake walk. It’s about the gospel of Jesus Christ sounding forth in your day and time. Mission-driven communication can mobilize your people to mission. There should be no question whether communications is important work