Church communication is not something that can happen only some of the time or in some places, but must happen all of the time and in the most integrated way for maximum effectiveness.

Someone (a leader!) must see all of the parts of the church and conceive of ways to communicate broadly at times, narrowly at others, so that this is our ministry to our neighbors for their good and the glory of Jesus.

Church communication is not about mass mailings or social media, but about intentionally using all of the avenues available to cultivate a gospel-driven excitement about the mission of God throughout the body of Christ.

Church communication must have a clear goal and a strategy that will achieve the goal. There are always a number of things needing to be communicated and someone must decide how to do that in a way that reflects the significance of the item being communicated, engages the appropriate audience, and shows its gospel purpose.

As you communicate, ask:

  • How can this be communicated so that the mission is advanced?
  • What tools will be used?
  • What is the schedule for doing so?
  • How are we maximizing our communication efforts?