No one wants to be the one to fail, but sometimes it needs to happen. Projects stall. Documents are not written. Conversations don't happen. And no one knows why.

"I know we are excited about this. Why aren't we moving?"

It may not be because time, passion, or energy are missing. Sometimes the next step isn't clear or perfect and no one wants to be the one to get it wrong, be criticized, or look inferior.

Step in and be that guy. Take a swing at it to help your team (and advance the mission!), even if you're going to be humbled in the process.

A willingness to fail may be one of the greatest ways that you can lead your team in moving projects and initiatives along. Whether it's putting out the first draft when you know it isn't there yet, sharing aloud a less than fully-formed idea, or drawing inadequately on the whiteboard, you should likely go for it. Move the process along by humbling yourself and taking the shot. Someone's got to and you are the leader.