I was fortunate enough to attend the Thriving Summit at Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia this weekend. Thriving is always a blessing to attend because of its biblical preaching and urban missional focus. This year was no different.

Dr. Crawford Loritts preached a fantastic message, titled Fighting for Your Walk With God that all pastors (especially Executive Pastors!) would do well to hear. Of particular note was this:

“You go to conferences thinking you can get transferable principles when you need transferable power.”


Who among us hasn’t wanted to hear how they did that, so that we can do it here?

Who among us hasn’t thought that if we only did ____, then our church would grow?

Who among us hasn’t believed that a little tighter strategy would finally get us over the top?

My guess is that XPs are even more likely to struggle with this than our lead pastors, because it’s so easy to get caught up in the doing of planning, scheduling, counting, and managing, while functionally forgetting that the lost being saved, the growth of the church, and the joy of her people is dependent on the Holy Spirit.

Let’s fight to remember that it will be the Spirit, not a spreadsheet, that turns the vision of your church into reality. Do not be satisfied with ripping off principles when God himself wants to put his imprint on your church.

Rather than the power of your thinking, follow Dr. Loritts’ advice and make sure “the theme of your ministry is the power of the Spirit of God.”