In his classic book, The Effective Executive, Peter Drucker writes, “Effective executives do first things first and they do one thing at a time.”

Agreed, Pete … but how do we know what to do first?

  • Pick the future as against the past;
  • Focus on the opportunity rather than on problem;
  • Choose your own direction - rather than climb on the bandwagon; and
  • Aim high, aim for something that will make a difference, rather than for something that is “safe and easy” to do.

One can see how this type of thinking will lead toward effectiveness.

Let me make these into questions that might help us as we lead in the church:

  • What can you work on now that will get you towards who God wants your church to be tomorrow?
  • Are you advancing the mission today or fixing yesterday’s problems?
  • Is the Spirit leading/affirming/guiding your work or are you copying what worked last year or somewhere else? Are you following the path of least resistance?
  • Are you looking to make a big dent or to just keep things rolling? Is there an Ephesians 3.20–21 feel to your work?